Towards Personalized Clinical Management of Suicide Risk through Data Driven Clinical Decision Support using Transnational Electronic Registry Data


PERMANENS Kick-off meeting at the PRBB, Barcelona. March 2023.

This project aims to develop a prototype of a personalised Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that assists clinicians in the personalised assessment and management of suicide risk.

The CDSS will consist of fully functional and user‐friendly software that will be developed up to Technology Readiness Level 5 (i.e., prototyping) through small‐scale clinical testing and validation within key healthcare settings.

The personalised CDSS’ specific aims are:

1) to increase the prediction accuracy of suicide risk assessment;
2) to enable the accurate risk assessment of unmet treatment needs and inadequate treatment delivery among those with suicide risk;
3) to construct highly personalised risk profiles for suicide and for adverse treatment trajectories, enabling fine‐grained clinical risk stratification; and
4) to adequately match the personalised risk profiles with effective treatment options in order to improve indicated and tailored treatment trajectories among patients with suicide risk.

On the long term, PERMANENS has therefore high potential in effectively reducing suicide mortality in the population.

Data will come from three countries (Ireland, Norway, Sweden) and one region (Catalonia, Spain) representing a total population of N = ± 25,000,000 European residents.

For more information about PERMANENS project, please visit the website:

This project is funded by the Carlos III Health Institute, a Spanish public health research institute. (ISCIII)

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