Current projects at PhI

RISK HUNT3R Enhancing Translational Safety Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management.

RISK-HUNT3R is one of the three projects constituting the research cluster ASPIS (“Animal-free Safety assessment of chemicals: Project cluster for Implementation of novel Strategies”). Together with the projects ONTOX and PrecisionTOX, this represents Europe’s €60M effort towards the sustainable, animal-free and reliable chemical risk assessment of tomorrow.

The project is aiming to develop a new modular framework for animal-free next generation risk assessment (NGRA) driven by world-leading experts from various disciplines.

PERMANENS Towards Personalized Clinical Management of Suicide Risk through Data-Driven Clinical Decision Support using Transnational Electronic Registry Data.

This project aims to develop a prototype of a personalised Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that assists clinicians in the personalised assessment and management of suicide risk.

The CDSS will consist of fully functional and user‐friendly software that will be developed up to Technology Readiness Level 5 (i.e., prototyping) through small‐scale clinical testing and validation within key healthcare settings.

CARES CARES is a research project funded by La Marató TV3 aiming to develop a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that will assists clinicians in the personalized evaluation and management of suicide risk.

The system will make us of registry data from the Catalan Data Analytics Program for Health Research and Innovation (PADRIS) and apply machine-learning techniques and previous clinical knowledge on effective suicide prevention interventions.

The CDSS will be clinically tested and validated through user-oriented implementation research with patients and clinicians.


Past projects at PhI

eTRANSAFE Enhancing Translational Safety Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management.
eTRANSAFE was a 40 Million EUR European project for new drug safety assessment and integrative data analysis research.

The five-year project aimed to develop an advanced data integration infrastructure together with innovative computational methods to improve the security in drug development process.

EU-ToxRisk An Integrated European Flagship Programme Driving Mechanism-based Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for the 21st century.
The vision of EU-ToxRisk was to drive the required paradigm shift in toxicological testing away from ‘black box’ animal testing towards a toxicological assessment based on human cell responses and a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of cause-consequence relationships of chemical adverse effects.

This project was focused on two areas: repeated dose systemic toxicity, using the lung, kidney, liver and nervous system as examples of potential target organs; and developmental and reproductive toxicity.

eTOX In silico predictions of in vivo toxicity endpoints for novel drug candidates.
The eTOX project as IMI consortium has been completed with the accomplishment of an effective synergic sharing of historical toxicological data within the pharmaceutical industry.

It created a series of models to support toxicity predictions. Both data and models are integrated in the platform developed in the project, the eTOXsys™, which is a powerful system to access the eTOX data and the predictive models.

Biopsycho Development of novel antipsychotic drugs using advanced technologies in a multidisciplinary environment
The Biopsycho project was a coordinated research project aimed to the development of novel strategies for the discovery of antipsychotic drugs.

Apart from the projects in the above list, the PhI-GRIB laboratory participates and collaborates in many other projects founded by public and private institutions.